Saturday, 25 April 2015

Come on in, the water’s *HOT*

As a child I grew up watching the Super Friends. What child of the 70s and 80s didn’t? We were all watching the Justice League of America fight crime every Saturday morning. I mean they had Superman, Batman and Robin, Wonder Woman and Aquaman. Then in 1977 they introduced the Wonder Twins and their pet monkey Gleek.
Wonder Twins.jpg

The Wonder Twins had special powers (Zan can transform into water at any state--liquid, gas, solid like ice--and Jayna can transform into any animal--real or mythological) but it requires them to touch each other and speak the magic words, “Wonder twins power activate!”

I spent a lot of time trying to fist bump other kids whilst saying those magic words. This was mostly followed by a withering stare as apparently the Wonder Twins weren’t cool enough. I recall once saying to one of these naysayers “Wonder twins power activate! Form of : ICE. I will freeze you with my magic powers!” and then was promptly scooped up and put into the nearest bin on the playground.

Sigh….this happened a lot with me.
File:1) Aquaman.jpg

So I  turned my attention to the “real” Super Friends. But even then I seem to have gotten it wrong. I picked Aquaman. I mean, he was the King of Atlantis and could communicate telepathically with fish!

Most kids laughed at Aquaman. They joked about what good are crime fighting skills UNDER WATER? I mean, how many under water banks are there? Even if there were, why would anyone try to rob them?

Even today people pick on him for his lack of “good” superpowers.

I may have given up on the Wonder Twins, but I never gave up on Aquaman.

I have always been fascinated by Atlantis (despite being terrified of sharks and refusing to go in the sea after seeing Jaws at the cinema.) Thanks Mum and Dad. When I was a wee girl I used to be the last child to be dropped off from my yellow school bus and I sat right behind the friendly bus driver Mr McLaren and told him stories about an undersea race of people who lived in a glass bubble. All my ideas were pinched from a book about Atlantis I had read, but I pretended they were my own original creation. I often wonder now what he thought of the tiny girl who sat behind him and chirpily talked non-stop. He was an excellent listener.

In high school I found a pair of Aquaman Underoos (remember those? “Underoos are fun to wear, yeah something super new in underwear!” Basically underwear and a  t-shirt to make you look like a superhero) at a garage sale and I bought them and had them pinned on the wall of my bedroom.

I have remained an Aquaman fan girl all my life and it has finally paid off. Now everyone will know what I have always known. Aquaman is cool. He is a bad-ass.

Look at these pictures of Jason Momoa as Aquaman in the upcoming 2016 Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice.

OMG. Be still my beating heart.

The dreadlocks.

The Polynesian tattoos.

The muscles.

Now everyone can finally agree--Aquaman is the best.

You’ll always be my underwater hero! *Swoon*

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  1. I loved Jan and Jana, but hated that damn monkey Gleep. But yeah, they needed more help to get out of the trouble they usually caused. Aquaman was cool. When I started Scuba Diving I wanted to have his abilities!