Monday, 11 May 2015

Mysterious Benefactor

Well, it seems we have a mysterious benefactor. It is a bit like in Charles Dickens' book Great Expectations.  If you have read it then you know that Pip receives money from a mysterious benefactor to allow him to go to London to learn to be a gentleman.  If you haven't read it then it is a bit like this Tom Gauld cartoon:
A few weeks ago my mother was approached at church by this mysterious benefactor (hereafter referred to as MB) who is someone who reads my blog and wanted to send us a little mad money as a treat. 

When I enquired as to who the MB might be, all my Mum would say was that the person wished to remain anonymous but was "an old friend" of ours. 

What does this mean? An old friend could be a longtime friend or an elderly friend--we have certainly had both in our lives. Some of my best friends have been in their 80s. 

Curiouser and curiouser.

MB kindly gave my Mum a cheque for $100 which my Mum kindly had transferred to our bank account which gave us 65 pounds which a perfect amount to help fund a trip we hope to take next month to Skomer Island where the puffins live! You can read about Skomer Island here:

So thank you MB whoever you are for your generous gift to make our lives better. 

Thanks for helping us to be able to have a bit of fun. 

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