Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Music That Saved Me--Letter N

OK, this actually has one more letter M before I get to letter N. I could have put it back on the previous entry but I stumbled upon it when I was researching my first N choice and thought--what the hell. It seemed to match my first N choice so I am including it here. It's my blog, I can do what I want. So pthffft. :P
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This is a secret guilty pleasure. I haven't really listened to them in decades, but Midnight Star were all the rage when I was in the ninth grade. I was in boosters that year--you know--those pom pom chicks not good enough to be cheerleader, but good enough to sit in the stands and shout  at every sporting event? I did it because it got you out of regular PE. I wasn't no fool. In the spring term during basketball season we had to dance to the song Electricity wearing a black plastic bin (garbage) bag with a yellow cardboard lightning bolt pinned on it. I bought the album on vinyl under the pretence that I needed to practice, but really I secretly loved the songs. Sadly, I got my final demerit at that performance for trying to surreptitiously wave at my folks who I had begged to come see me with the promise that they could leave after half time when the dance was finished. It was my tenth demerit so i was told I would no longer be allowed to be a booster next year. OH NO! That meant regular PE for me. What were my previous demerits for, I hear you ask? Stuff like not selling enough spirit ribbons, missing lots of Friday games because i was away at speech tournaments and then not looking very enthusiastic on the games I did attend, bringing a book to read between plays because I hated football and wearing shorts instead of bloomers under my swishy skirt because I couldn't find them that morning. Anyway, I digress. My song choice by Midnight Star is No Parking on the Dance floor and features cheesy dialogue, dancing in the streets, jheri curls galore and Miami Vice outfits. Ahh, the 80's.
Watch it here:
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I was introduced to Newcleus by my dear friend LeCrete who was my very first friend in high school. We both were in pre-algebra together and being a remedial class it was fully of scary people. There was some bloke with a jheri curl who kept insinuating he might cut me for being white and I was terrified but Crete called him "you old fool" to his face and told me to pay no attention to him and thus a friendship was formed. Newcleus was not normally my type of music--it is essentially music to breakdance to--but I have a soft spot for it because it was so much part of my life my freshman year in high school. It was a hard choice to choose a favourite song --I almost went with Computer Age (push the button) as it has a repetitive der-ner sound that i found most appealing. But i think my choice has to be Jam on It because of the weird robotic alien voices and the repeated phrase "wikki wikki wikki." Honestly, you don't have to watch the whole video if it is not your cup of tea (it's like 8 minutes long) but do stay long enough to hear a bit of "wikki wikki wikki." and watch some impressive breakdancing.
Watch it here:

Now for something completely different. Neil Diamond
I grew up listening to Neil Diamond. I am still a fan today. It was hard to narrow my choices down--but one thing I knew for sure--I wanted a recorded song not a live one as Neil occasionally goes rogue singing live and the song bears no recognisable resemblance to the one you know. He also has the dubious honour of Worst.Rhyme. Ever. Song she brang to me, words that rang in me, rhyme that sprang from me. No Neil. Just no. I love the way he sings the line "the dog up and died, he up and died" in Mr Bojangles, I love the old timey gospel feel of Brother Love's Travelling Salvation Show. I adore the way he says "Cracklin' Rosie geet on board" and  I can play Song Sung Blue on the ukulele. The ASH marching band used to do a fab rendition of Solitary Man (the horn section was great for this song).  But ultimately I decided on  Sweet Caroline.
Watch it here:
My second choice is Shilo. I was an only child with a very active imagination so this song always appealed to me.
Watch it here:
My eighth grade art teacher Betty Hawthorne was a big Neil Diamond fan and often played him while we were doing art in her class. I recall having to not sing along to all the words--kids said Neil was uncool so i had to pretend I didn't know him. Sorry, Neil! But since my mum worked at Brame I spent lots of time after school in her art room and we talked about our mutual love for Neil and she swore she'd never tell my secret that I was a closet fan. Thank you Mrs Hawthorne!  This was your favourite song Mrs H so this one is for you. I am I Said.
Watch it here:
And my last Neil choice is a list song. I think we have established how much I love a list. This came way before We Didn't Start the Fire so in your face Billy Joel! Done Too Soon does for me what the Lost Dog's Breathe Deep does for my soul.
Watch it here:
Did you ever pretend not to like a band so mean kids wouldn't tease you?

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  1. Neil is great!! Hey I remember Midnight Star too! Great dance music, even for the kid who couldn't dance...not even a little, not even at all.
    Nirvana, Night Ranger...Nine In Nails if I am feeling angsty.