Saturday, 5 November 2016

Keys to the Kingdom

If you read this blog then you know that we love the graphic novel Locke and Key by Joe Hill. 

The story is compelling and the artwork by Gabriel Rodriguez is amazing.
author Joe Hill using the head key on my keyhole tattoo
I won't gush on and on and on about it here when I have done it before.

But last year, Spiderman entered a photo competition with Skelton Key (the artisans who make all the replica keys featured in Locke and Key) and he won and we got a $50 gift voucher to spend.

So after a year of waiting for them to make the keys we wanted I give you the newest addition to our collection--key to the crown of shadows and the anywhere key. 

The key fits in the crown of shadows and with it you can control the living shadows.
Seriously, the shadows all do your bidding if you wear the crown with the key.
Image result for locke and key shadow key
The second key is the anywhere key and it does what it say on the tin. You can stick the key into any door and as long as you can visualise where you want to go, when you open the are there.
Image result for locke and key anywhere key

Yeah....we both tried it, but it doesn't work.

But still! we have keys! And we only had to pay postage as the cost of the keys was covered by the prize money.  Now we own eight keys:

 the anywhere key lets you go anywhere                                                                                        

the shadow key lets you control the shadows

 the angel key lets you unlock the wings so you can fly

 the mending key lets you open up a magical cabinet and heal whatever is broken or hurt (from dishes to a person who has been shot)

the well key lets you call back a person who has died so you can speak to them

the animal key lets you open a specific door that when you cross the threshold you turn into a beast of tooth or claw or feather

the head key lets you open up your head (or someone else's) and take things out or put things in.

 the moon key lets you open a door from this reality to the next--it once helped young Ian Locke who was dying of a brain tumour to fly up to the moon in a hot air balloon, open the moon and join his ancestors

Image result for locke and key shadow timeshift

Now if they will only make the timeshift key. 

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