Thursday, 10 November 2016

This Little Light of Mine

When Spiderman and I decided to immigrate to the UK, we did it for a variety of reasons.

To have an adventure.

To follow our dreams.

To be our authentic selves.

To escape George W Bush.

We don't talk about the last one very often, but it was the last straw that finally pushed us into action after years of dreaming.

We thought it couldn't get worse than George W Bush.

How wrong we were.

I am stunned.

Like a sharp blow to my solar plexus.

I am winded. 
Image result for pilot light
This little light of mine, that normally shines so brightly, was fading yesterday. 
It felt like the pilot light of my soul was going out. 

We have not thought of ourselves as American in years. We became British citizens many years ago because we love this country and it is our home. But as soon as we open our mouths, people know we're not from around here. We are thinking of calling ourselves Canadian for the next four years. 

So why, if I am no longer an American, has this upset me so much?

Because like it or not, the USA is a superpower and what they do and how they behave affects the rest of the world. 

I am not just scared for America, I am scared for the world. 

I am stunned that a man who says things like "laziness is a trait in blacks. It's not something they can control," and calls Mexicans "rapists and drug dealers"was elected. 

I am worried that a man who says that he would strongly consider getting the supreme court to over turn the ruling that makes it illegal for states to ban same-sex marriages was elected.

I am gobsmacked that a man who was seen to mock a disabled journalist was elected. 

I am disgusted that a man who refers to women as "dogs" or "a beautiful piece of ass" and openly brags about sexual harassment and assault saying "you can grab them by the p*ssy" was elected president.

I am shocked that a man who calls climate change a "Chinese hoax" and wants to repeal all federal spending on clean energy was elected.

I am terrified that a man who cannot wait to get his hands on the codes to launch a nuclear strike was elected.

After Brexit, there was a 42% increase of hate crimes across England and Wales. 

With a president who behaves that way, and believes that is his right to behave that way, then the US may follow suit. Hate crimes and sexual assaults may be on the rise. 

My little light was so dim. I felt overwhelmed by darkness. Then I remembered the quote by George Fox, the founder of the Quakers. 

I saw also that there was an ocean of darkness and death, but an infinite ocean of light and love which flowed over the ocean of darkness. 

It gave me hope. I talked to Spiderman, who simply said, "We will need to up our game. This is our wake up call to bring more kindness and love into the world." 

Bonzai Aphrodite, one of my favourite bloggers says:
You will need your strength because a fight is on the horizon, and we ALL need to be there to meet it. We need your body, and your voice, and your action to fight for our black and brown brothers and sisters. Our queer community. Our Muslim friends and neighbors. We need to come together and we need to come strong. 

Where there is hate, I will show love.

Where there is fear, I will bring peace.

Where there is darkness, I will be light. 

Will you join me? 


  1. I'm trying to be philosophical and hope that checks and balances will do their thing and keep all things in the middle, more or less. But I'm not sure, so I'll just take one day at a time and form my conclusions as events unfold.

    As for being Canadian, Frelighsburg is too much of a mouthful to remember, and it turned out to not be such a friendly town after all. I give you two nearby town names, very English, which had much more charm. Dunham, in the midst of all the wonderful apple orchards and grape wineries. It was about 10 miles down the road and I loved that town. And then there is the lovely Sutton, a little Victorian town about another 20 miles away. Two of my favorite places. Feel free to adopt them.

  2. Thank you for posting this, Heather. Agree 100%. Love you so much!