Wednesday, 6 December 2017

What We Ate Wednesday--Mediterranean Chickpeas and Greek(ish) Salad

Hello lovelies! Yet again it is Wednesday and I am late to the party. I would like to say that I have been doing meaningful, important work that has prevented me from writing this blogpost, but that would be (mostly) a lie.

We have been away for a trip to Newcastle and I came back with some severe pain in my back that prevented me from sitting too long. It also prevented me from planning and cooking a more creative menu. I have been tired and sore and have relied on old favourites already blogged about to fill the gap until I was feeling better.

I am feeling better, but this new-found ability to sit down has led to me wasting considerable time playing a game where you try to smash sweets that came with my online advent calendar. I suspect it is akin to Candy Crush Saga. Whatever it is, it is HIGHLY addictive. Much like the artificial dyes and mountain of sugar found in actual sweeties--once you start you cannot tear yourself away.

Then today, just as I was NOT playing the sweetie crunch game and about to get to some actual work, my BFF Danny introduced me to The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny  and I spent the afternoon trying to learn all the lyrics.

Thanks, dear.

So, here is my late addition to the food blog--a mix of two things i have blogged about previously.

I wanted to include it to show how flexible things are--just find two tastes that go well together and mash them up.

They both have fresh tastes with lemon and herbs and are tart and savoury. The warm roasted Mediterranean chickpeas go well with the coolness of the Greek(ish) salad.

They are both easy and cheap to make. The last time I served the Mediterranean Chickpeas with  lemon pepper potatoes and the Greek(ish) salad with a pizza. But the flavours go well together, so I thought--why not?

I used a fresh lemon and divided the juice in half--half to the chickpeas and half to the marinade for the tangy feta mushrooms. The good thing about vegan food is you can reuse the marinade without worrying about salmonella or other bacterial yuckies. I poured the leftover feta marinade over the chickpeas and it added just another little pop of flavour.

HEREis the recipe for Mediterranean Chickpeas and HERE is the recipe for Greek(ish) Salad.

Here's to hoping I can get my act together for next week. And if you are curious and need an earworm that will attach to your brain like fluke man from the X Files--then look no further:

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