Wednesday, 22 January 2020

What We Ate Wednesday--Cranberry Almond Energy Balls

Hello lovelies! Spiderman and I both have a sweet tooth and we love a little smackeral of something sweet after our evening meal. I used to always have cake or brownies or some other more decadent dessert, but these days we tend to go for energy bites. Or bliss balls. Or whatever trendy name is going around.

I try to vary the flavors we eat. I was having a rummage through my cupboards when I came across a bag of dried cranberries left over from Christmas. My mind starting whirring (you could practically hear it churning out loud according to Spiderman) and a few google searches later I found this recipe from the blog CUPCAKES AND KALE CHIPS.

 I  wanted a real tangy cranberry vibe not just a few cranberries sprinkled throughout. This one hit the spot.

As I was typing this I mused to Spiderman that the next time I made it I would try substituting orange juice for the water which would make it even more scrummy. This recipe is easy peasy orange squeezy. See what I did there?

Cranberry Almond Energy Balls
1/2 cup (GF) oats
1/2 cup ground almonds (almond meal) or more oats if nuts aren't your thing
1/2 cup sticky dates
1/2 cup dried cranberries
pinch salt
3 TB water or orange juice

In your food processor grind the oats, almonds and salt to a fine powder. Add the dried fruit and while the machine is running add the liquid one TB at a time until it all sticks together. Roll into balls. Mine made 13.

It was really nice and tasted a bit like a Bakewell Tart. But the orange will alter the flavour profile. So we will have to just try them both!

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