Saturday, 30 April 2011

I should be so lucky

It’s true. Spiderman and I are competition hounds. I say if you can enter for free then why not? Sometimes it pays off. Spiderman has won us everything from autographed illustrated books to concert tickets to see the Moody Blues with the Baton Rouge symphony to plane tickets to the UK (back when we still lived in Louisiana, obviously). I recently had a bit of success, hoorah! I won some groovy eco stuff from Ecozone in a giveaway from Egg Mag. It's all vegan and free of scary chemical stuff because it uses magnets!
 Check out my stash:
  You put Magnoball in the drum of your washing machine and it magnetically helps prevent limescale from sticking to your clothes making them all stiff as well as helping the dreaded limescale to not stick to your pipes. It claims you can use less detergent using a magnoball which will go on doing it's magnetic thing for 5 years. it retails at £14.99. Not too bad. But what, there's more!

The Magnoloo is a magnetic doo-dah you put in the toilet tank and will prevent limescale from sticking to your loo. We have a terrible time with this and while the magnoloo may not make it better, if it helps it not get any worse I'd surely appreciate it. You get a packet of 2--I suppose this is for those posh people who have more than one loo. We don't so this gives me 10 years worth of use and it also retails at £14.99. But wait, there's more!

We also got a box of kettle descaler that turned out to be my old mate citric acid! I know it works and now have more citric acid to descale my kettle with. There was also a box of washing machine descaler. Bonus! That's a total prize of about 35 quid! Not bad at all!

So I am pleased as punch at my eco freebies and can't wait to try them out because, quite frankly, I probably wouldn't have plonked down £14.99 for any of it--but if it works then I'll gladly plonk down the dosh in 5 years when they run out of magnetism or whatever they do.

Besides I just like saying Magnoloo--it sounds like a superhero. Stand back! This is a job for--Magnoloo!
And if it can defeat the dreaded limescale which is the bain of existence then it really will be a superhero.


  1. the comment spot on the previous eco-post ("the necessary room" details) is still blocked, so let's see if it'll let me comment on this one. You two are definitely lucky in the competition department! These look neat, and I know you will enjoy the scientific experimentation angle.

  2. I think I like saying it too...

    Here he comes to save the day! Magnaloo is on the way!