Saturday, 9 November 2013

Great Expectations--the video game

We recently saw a limited edition print at GOSH! Comics by one of our favourite illustrators Tom Gauld. We got really excited and wondered, "Why have we never thought about buying some of his artwork?"

We considered buying the limited edition print (we have a few of those) but Spiderman suggested contacting him directly and see if he had any for sale from his collection of cartoons You're All Just Jealous Of My Jetpack.

He did! So on Tuesday night when we were in London for Distraction Club we leafed through the book during the intervals  noting down our favourites so we could ask to see if he had any of those available.

Sadly, our first choice the Owl and the Seasick Pussy Cat had already been sold, but this gem of Great Expectations--the Video Game was available! But then we hit a dilemma. Spiderman had mentioned in his email another of his cartoons that we really like that had appeared in the Guardian. An Interview With a Cultural Teddy Bear was also available! Oh no! What to do?

We debated, back and forth and could not seem to decide between them and so we did what any greedy art loving people would do--we asked if he would be willing to hold the Cultural Teddy for us for a month or two when we had more money and we would buy it then.

He said yes! What a lovely man. So Great Expectations has arrived and will be framed shortly and a Cultural Teddy will join it in a few months.


If you like quirky illustrations--his cartoons often have a very literary bent--then please check out his website He's done a cracking graphic novel called Goliath (yes that Goliath) and has done my favourite illustrations for Ted Hughes' The Iron Man.


  1. You sure you got any wall space left? I won't even recognize your flat when I come to visit next month! I like this piece a lot.

  2. I love the Great Expectations piece! It is one of my favorite books, and you know how much I love video games! Awesome!

  3. is the great expectations really a video game?? Where can I find info on it