Monday, 2 December 2013

The Elvis Sandwich

When we got our first microwave back in the early 80s, my dad I loved to make microwave bacon. In order to cook it you had to line a paper plate with a dozen paper towels to soak up all the grease.

Now that I am more health conscious the thought of all that grease makes me feel a bit queasy, but I still recall fondly our favourite sandwich which we dubbed the Elvis.

Peanut butter and bacon. I think my mum was horrified by our tastes, but the combination of sweet Jif  peanut butter (choosy mothers choose Jif) and salty, smoky bacon really hit the spot. If you really wanted to be like Elvis you could add some sliced banana as we read somewhere that had been his favourite sandwich combination.

This is where Spiderman interjects and reminds me how Elvis died--fat, alone, on the toilet with a sandwich in his hand.

But no matter. This is the healthy version of the Elvis.

These days I would never choose Jif peanut butter--it is full of additives like huge amounts of hydrogenated oil and loads of sugar. I prefer just plain peanut butter make from peanuts. Just peanuts. Sometimes I make my own flavoured ones (like chocolate peanut butter or chai nut butter) but I always have a container of just good old plain peanut butter on hand for making peanut sauce.


Elvis would have used toasted white bread but I used a rye crisp instead as it is lower in gluten and healthier.  I spread it with a layer of peanut butter and added some sliced banana and the topped it with some coconut bacon.

Heaven. Just heaven.

It reminds me so much of my dear old dad. This would be a way we could still eat the same thing side by side. If he were alive, I’m sure we would.

So here’s to you, GLT. I’ll eat my Elvis sandwich and think of you. Maybe you are somewhere in Heaven, eating yours and thinking of me.

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  1. Sweet, sentimental and lovely post. I miss him too. But I never could join in his sandwich tastes. His other peanut butter favorite was called the PPM or Peter Paul and Mary sandwich. Jif PB, bread n butter sweet pickles and mayo. Double yuck. The bacon one I might would taste, but without the bananas please. Or the bananas on the side.