Tuesday, 17 November 2015

World Vegan Month

November is World Vegan Month. What are you doing to get healthier, save the planet and eliminate suffering?

Three times a year the Carmarthen Vegans host a "Meet and Greet" where we provide free food and entertainment and invite the public in to find out about being vegan. This one is special because it is World Vegan Month. Also this officially makes it an annual tradition as we started this last November.

The weather here has been rain with a side of rain and double helping of rain for pudding if you know what I mean. Despite the fact that it was pissing down all day we had 51 people come--about 30 of them were vegan curious so that was great.

Here is the new decorations I made. We decided last time in the summer Meet and Greet to make some permanent decorations that can be pulled out every time--ones that look fabulous without being disposable so I whipped these up with my trusty sewing machine.

Here is the table heavily laden with food. Sandwiches and savouries on this side:

And puddings on this end:

Can you see my delicious brownies?

Here is Spiderman doing the most important job--making the tea! British people cannot go more than a half an hour without a cup of tea or they will die. FACT.

Here we are--the core members of the Carmarthen Vegans (with a few Pembrokeshire Vegans thrown in there) posing in front of the table.

Lastly, the part you have all been waiting for--the entertainment. Last time several of us dressed as cows (and a panda) and sang a song about being vegan. This was so popular that we decided to try another song. This time only two cows, but better choreography, more acting and more fun! We had such a blast putting this together and it gets a good message across. Please enjoy Vegan Challenges Answered in Song and Dance! 

We are so glad to be a part of this group of extremely fun, slightly mad vegans. Our lives have been so rich since we moved to Cymru. There is never a dull moment with this crew.

Be vegan, make peace!


  1. The food looks yummy, and I hope I can plan my first visit around one of these vegan fetes, so i can try lots and lots of delicious recipes. I could probably eat the whole plate of brownies by myself! The video was so cute.........you are animated and adorable, and the others ain't bad either!