Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Q: What do you call a rabbit who is always telling jokes?

A: A funny bunny! Boom Boom!

 What is the best part of celebrating Christmas? Why the crackers of course! You get a paper hat and a groan worthy joke, what’s not to love? Plenty I hear Spiderman whisper in my ear. I am ignoring you, honey.

 Why not do the same for Easter?

It seems I am not alone in this idea as a quick internet search shows lots of shops are cashing in on this idea and making loads of money off of it. There’s probably also contains a “cheap plastic toy with limited functionality” (to quote our friend Matazone Haggis) which was always the worse, most useless bit.

What can a poor but resourceful Spidergrrl do? Make them herself for FREE. That’s right AM DDIM. That’s Welsh for free. We had friends come to stay for Easter weekend so I thought this would be a perfect way to celebrate. More on our lovely visit in another post.

When our lovely friends Lorna and Rachel came to visit us a month ago they brought some reusable, refillable plastic Easter eggs. At Christmas when the Quakers sent us a huge parcel of deliciousness it came with several sheets of lavender tissue paper which I carefully saved.

So I cut some lovely crowns from the tissue (lavender is such a spring colour) and wrote some Easter/spring/rabbit jokes that I found on the internet on little bits of paper.


Then I folded them up tight and popped them in the eggs. Presto! Instant crackers.

OK, they don’t go BANG! like the Christmas ones do, but they look like eggs so it totally makes up for it. Spiderman really hates the BANG! so this is a little nod  in his direction that says I hear you honey. I have made them as painless as I can.

I *still* made him wear the hat. 

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