Wednesday, 15 February 2017

I See You

Some people like flowers. The one and only time Spiderman gave me roses was the night he proposed. They gave me a sinus infection.

Some people like chocolates. We occasionally splurge on posh vegan chocolates, but mostly we are ok. I do a lot of homemade baking so we always have a treat to nibble. No need to spend loads of money on a tiny, expensive box that comes with layers and layers of packaging.

We like art. We have collected original art for many years. These days our disposable income is considerably less than it used to be, but we still find ways to feed our souls and support artists that we admire.

We also like fairy tales. Not the Disney ones. But the darker ones. The slightly sinister ones. The ones written by the likes of the Brothers Grimm, Hans Christian Andersen, and Charles Perrault.

I write fairy tales, the more slippery kind. They are spider webs and creaking stairs rather than twittering birds and comic mice. My tales are all inspired by the darker masters who wrote before me.

So, when we saw this painting by Kevin Chunisingh we knew we had to have it. He has made fantastic, museum quality prints of the original painting making this an affordable way to feed our souls with art. The print costs £25 and came professionally matted and ready to frame. That is very good value. 

The painting is called I See You and it is masterpiece.

It was two years in the making. You can go here to watch a short film about its development.

We are so in love with Kevin’s artwork. He paints with such a depth of feeling and many of the paintings are painted in such a way that you could read them like braille. The paint is thick and textured which makes my fingers itch to touch the brushstrokes.
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from Kevin Chunisingh Art
He is a lovely bloke. We have had several back and forth conversations over private messaging about the print and he is always delightful to talk to. His wife Becky is equally wonderful. She has this amazing flamingo coloured hair. She graciously met me in town to deliver the print in person to save the cost of postage.

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from Kevin Chunisingh Art
He is a talented painter, full stop. But what makes him extra remarkable is that Kevin is a tetraplegic. He was in an accident and is in a wheelchair. His wife told me he straps the paintbrush to his hand to paint. Which is pretty damn remarkable.
Image may contain: drawing
from Kevin Chunisingh Art--his first sketch after figuring out how to strap a pencil to his hand

Go to his Facebook page (Kevin Chunisingh Art) and have a look at his artwork. He sells original paintings as well as prints and cards and accepts commissions. He told me that he will ship overseas if any of my American friends are interested in his work. 
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from Kevin Chunisingh Art

Thank you, Kevin for expressing your creative side so beautifully. Thank you, Becky for delivering the print to me today. Thank you, Spiderman who saw it and agreed it was perfect for us. Lastly, thank you to Priya for giving me an unexpected half day of work in the shop so we could buy it.
It was a happy Valentine’s day, indeed.

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