Thursday, 3 May 2012

Male pattern baldness is NOT a disease

"That's because you're not a bald man," I hear you cry. Well I don't believe it. You can't die (not even from embarrassment) from being bald. I get really annoyed when animals are exploited for "scientific" reasons. Check out this poor mouse:
According to an article form Huffington Post:
Japanese researchers investigated whether stem cells could create pigmented hair follicles by testing on a group of bald-bred lab mice.

You see right there, this poor mouse was bred in a lab to be bald and then hair folicles from some bloke were transplanted onto his back. The poor mouse will have to live with that and then when he is no longer useful be killed without a thought.

Animals are living, breathing creatures who can feel pain and fear. They are as much God's creatures as we are. Who would someone choose to make them suffer? Being vegan means that we have compassion for all creatures, not just ourselves.

And before you start saying, "But Spidergrrl, we NEED to do animal research for medicines." No we don't. Check out the Dr Hadwen Trust (the UK's leading non-animal research charity)  to see what alternatives there are.

Lastly, why do we need a cure for baldness when there is Patrick Stewart?

I rest my case.


  1. Your Patrick Stewart argument is indeed compelling.

  2. Hehehe...Patrick Stewart...

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