Thursday, 24 May 2012

Occupy the Oil Aisle

We love shopping at Waitrose. It is one of the most (if not THE most) ethical supermarkets in the UK. They were first in so many things--from serious emissions targets to fairtrade and local products, right through to its model of worker co-ownership and shared profits, it is clear shopping at Waitrose is one way to love the planet.They really seemed to care about the environment and human rights.Unfortunately, they are looking to expand and have opened 2 trial stores with petrol stations. They have partnered with Shell Oil-- the oil company responsible for human rights abuses and massive oil spills in the Niger Delta and skyrocketing carbon emission who were rated most carbon intensive company by Friends of the Earth in 2009.  Read the report here. Waitrose, you are breaking our little green hearts.

But all is not lost. those of us who love Waitrose are not calling for a boycott, but rather a sit-in. People are encouraged to do sit-ins at their local shop to convince Waitrose to break up with Shell.
There is an "Occupy the oil aisle" sit-in at our local Waitrose on Friday 25 of May at 1:45 and I plan to be there. If you live in our area, please consider coming to help send a message.

If you can't go try doing one of these:
Sign the petition to the John Lewis Partnership: Persuade Waitrose to Dump Shell
Use Twitter and Facebook to raise the issue publicly – see our Dump Shell Twitter Campaign for inspiration! Tweet @Waitrose or write a message on their Facebook wall,
You can also email and call Waitrose’s Head of Sustainability, Quentin Clark, on, direct line 01344 824892.

If you are into twitter:
Messages of support for Waitrose:
@waitrose we love you but not who your relationship with @shell is making you become
@waitrose don’t you see that by partnering with @shell you are hurting people who care about you
@waitrose remember those beautiful days when we were green together before you got oil in your bloodstream
@waitrose your addiction to oil will push everyone who cares about you away
@waitrose if you stick with @shell it won’t be just us you hurt but future generations

Don't just sit there, do something!


  1. got your phone message about this when I got home tonight. Glad it went well.

  2. Great way to influence a company!