Sunday, 25 December 2016

Even Spiders Have Christmas

Happy Christmas everyone from
 Spidergrrl and The Amazing Spiderman and the 
(Blanche DuBois, Pippi Longstocking, Frida Kahlo and Rosetti)

I wanted to share this adorable video with you. Someone has taken real footage of  Peacock spiders and made it a Christmas video! Peacock spiders are in the jumping spider family which means they have enormous eyes like head lamps and can see very well, unlike tarantulas who are virtually blind. Because they can see quite well, the males are brightly coloured and waggle their abdomens about and do lots of semaphore with their legs to attract that special someone into mating. It is fascinating to watch, but now it has gotten even cuter!

Make sure to turn up your volume before you watch as there is a jaunty soundtrack to go with it!

These people are amazing to have been able to add all those Christmas-y touches to the scientific footage. I take my (Santa) hat off to them!

Happy holidays everyone!