Saturday, 16 June 2012

Chocolate Cherry Dingle Dooty

Which is a name we just made up (based on the funny banter before and after that subversive trivia computer game You Don't Know Jack!) for a chocolate cherry ice-cream I made in my beloved Vita-Mix blender. Cherries are £1.50 for a pound in weight at the market right now.

Here’s what you have to do. *warning* don’t try this with your regular blender or you will burn your motor out.

1. Rinse cherries and let them dry well

2. Stone your cherries

3.  Put cherries in the freezer overnight.

4. The next day add 1 cup chocolate plant based milk to your blender, ¼ cup sugar and the frozen cherries. You can add 2 TB unsweetened coca powder as well to make it extra chocoate-y.

6. Then put the lid on and use the tamper to push the cherries into the blades with all your might while you blend on high and in about 1 minutes you get this:

7. Scoop it into bowls--it easily feeds four people (or 2 rather greedy people)

I think this may be our new favourite and will be a treat to look forward to when cherries are in season and  cheap.

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  1. I'm sorry, chickadee, but your American peeps are not going to eat anything with those words in them. Chocolate cherry okay------dingle dooty sounds like toilet paper crumbs on your you know what. :-)