Monday, 11 June 2012

I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For Ice-Cream!

 I love my Vita-Mix. One of the things it does really well is make sorbets and ice creams. Seriously, sorbet and ice cream made in a BLENDER? You gasp, That’s not possible! But oh yes my friend, it is with a Vita-Mix. Another reason you should get this amazing blender. I know they cost a packet, but their industrial strength motor blends just about anything--and you can make ice cream!
 In summer when strawberries are cheap (around £1 a punnet of 500g--roughly one lb in weight)   we buy some and freeze them and make ice cream.
frozen berries

Here’s what you have to do. *warning* don’t try this with your regular blender or you will burn your motor out.

1. Check your punnet for any bad or squishy berries

2. Wipe them clean with a damp cloth like you would mushrooms

3. Don’t bother to hull as the Vita-Mix will puree those leaves

4. Put punnet in the freezer overnight.

5. The next day add 1 cup plant based milk (we dig Oatly) to your blender, ¼ cup sugar, 2 tsp vanilla essence and the frozen berries. This makes “ice cream” but if you want a “sorbet” add 1 cup water, half a peeled lime and ¼ cup sugar and the frozen strawberries.
ready to blend
6. Then put the lid on and use the tamper to push the berries into the blades with all your might while you blend on high and in about 1 minutes you get this:
all blended up
7. Scoop it into bowls--it easily feeds four people (or 2 rather greedy people)

Beautiful and fresh tasting. Lovely for warm summer days…not that we’ve actually had any of those lately, but we live in hope.

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  1. got any vegan gluten free cake and icing recipes? I have a friend looking for one. And oooh, this ice cream looks yummy! I'll just pop right over tomorrow and you can fix me some, k?