Friday, 22 June 2012

The Wizard of Jaws

This is a new game we made up last night waiting outside the cinema when a man asked me (me of all people!) to take a photo of him next to the poster for the film Jaws--which some of you know is my worst nightmare film. I convinced my parents at age 6 that it would be a good idea to let me see and and I had nightmares for years after that. I still see a picture of a shark and shudder. Don't even think of asking me to go swimming in the sea after an up close and personal encounter with a shark at age 10.

 So when this dude said, "Would you take a picture of me in front of the film poster for Jaws?" I was all agreeable and friendly--mainly because I didn't think that is what he said!!! I thought he said Duel and I was thinking to myself, "When did they re-realease Duel?" Then, of course, I had to follow through.

It wasn't as bad as I thought. the image of that enormous shark coming up through the water to attack that lady swimming at the top was a familiar sight. For years as a child I obsessively drew that image by day in the hopes of exorcising the demon that would give me nightmares. Didn't work.

(at this point I had hoped to cut and paste a picture of the movie poster but the search scared me so bad as I caught sight of a gaping mouth, red gums and teeth--my heart is thumping away like a galloping horse--that I could only look at the screen over my shoulder and throught my fingers and so was not able to see an image clearly to do so.)

Anyway, Spiderman invented a game by combining my favourite film--The Wizard of Oz and my least favourite--Jaws. This is how it goes:

Cue music:
Scarecrow: And I'm sure to get a brain
Tin Man: A heart
Dorothy: A home
Cowardly Lion: The nerve
Brody: A bigger boat

So there you go. How many other films can you mash up?

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  1. This one went to FaceBook where several nice compliments were given. I can just clearly, visually see Spiderman doing his Brody imitation. Love it.