Saturday, 30 June 2012

I wanna be your hero

In my last post there was a link about a very special little boy named Sam who has leukemia and his family are doing their best to show him he is hero and (hopefully) a survivor. They are asking everyone who reads about him to pray--the family are Jewish but said to pray in whatever way you can, because God hears all our voices, no matter how we pray.

 They are also asking people to dress in their favourite superhero costume or tee-shirt and cape and take a photo of themselves and post it to him. His knows he is part of a superhero team that are all praying for him and even if they don’t know him, care about him. He is bored and restless in hospital and the mail cheers him up enormously.  Their blog says this:

 Take a photograph of yourself wearing your favorite superhero shirt
(or holding up their logo...or just smiling!)

Print out the picture.

Put it in an envelope and mail it to:

Sam Sommer, E571

Children's Hospital of Wisconsin

P.O. Box 1997

Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53201-1997

We will hang all the pictures on Sam's wall...Team Superman Sam!

I printed off a photo of one of the tarantulas and have attached the Spiderman logo to her carapace with a friendly note and am sending that off on Monday when I get to the post office. I urge anyone who reads this to do the same.

It’s just a little thing, but it means so much to a little boy. C’mon, be a superhero.

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