Thursday, 20 October 2016

A Tale of Two Readers

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Spiderman and I are both big readers. I tend to read more for pleasure because I have more time on my hands and read quicker, but we both love books and love to share books.
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Currently we are reading a cracking graphic novel series called Wild's End by Dan Abnett and illustrated by INJ Culbard.

This is amazing--like HG Wells meets Wind in the Willows.

It is set in the 1930's in a rural village in England. It is out in the countryside where you still have "gentleman farmers" and poachers and the old ways of farming are making way for the new ways of mechanisation.

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the (mostly) good guys
Did I mention that all the characters are anthropomorphic animals?
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the (mostly) bad guys
Heh heh, that deer is a "brigadier."

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Did I also mention that it is about an alien invasion? The creatures are some sort of luminescent gas that travel in what appears to be small spider like creatures and full fledged streetlamps. They can shoot a type of death ray that incinerates you. And the good guys die too--which is makes it more realistic, but scarier to read.
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It is also an epistolary novel with maps, newspaper articles, badly written science fiction, journal entries etc.

So this is what me reading Wild's End sounds like:
Oh No!

What does that mean?

Oh wait, he said that before, it must be important .


Oh No!

Don't go there! It's not safe!


heh heh, she does get the best lines.

Look out! 

What does the pocket watch mean?

No! Get out of the way!

No! Not him!


Oh my God!

Oh my God!


Bloody hell! 

This is what it sounds like when Spiderman is reading Wild's End:

(sound of page turning)

(sound of page turning) get the idea.

So he read it FIRST and not a sound did he utter. Not a peep. Nothing. Nada. Nix. Nein. Dim. Zero. 

But at the end he said, "Bloody hell. That was good. You will really love it."

So I proceeded to read as described above as well as:

Nearly fall off the sofa from being overly involved in the story

Have to run for an emergency wee at a critical moment

Flap the book to my chest uttering a gasp because what is happening is so shocking
 I cannot bear to look  and see how it ends

Run around in a circle at an exciting moment

In the end I said, "How can you read without saying anything at all???" 

To which he replied, Quite easily."

But what I am *sure* he was thinking was "Why can't you?" but he is much to polite to say it aloud. 

If you like adventure, sci-fi, historical settings and anthropomorphic animals then Wild's End is *definitely* for you.  

You might just want to read it when you are alone. 

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