Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Cilgerran Wildlife Centre

On Sunday we had our last Carmarthen and PembrokeshireVegans outdoor gathering for the season as it is getting colder and wetter and not as easy to be outdoors anymore. We have had a few hikes over the summer that we persisted with despite heavy rains because we are all stubborn, but I think everyone was hoping this one would not result in us all huddling under a tree in a downpour. AGAIN.

There was a bit of rain (this is Wales after all!), but there were also plenty of shelters and the rain never lasted long. Hoorah!

If you look carefully you can see Spiderman  doing his Benedict Cumberbatch style photobomb in the back.
Image result for benedict cumberbatch u2

Being a Wildlife Centre there were lots of interesting animal related things.
Here's a lovely insect hotel with a variety of cubbyholes and spaces for wee beasties to hide in.

Notice the wasp sculpture on top
There was also this amazing giant willow sculpture of a badger.

me and Rosie Mai
this made us all fall about laughing

More hiking stuff:

This last sculpture was so real that both the greyhounds Eddie and Rufus had to go sniff its butt. 

It was a lovely day but as it was getting colder in the late afternoon we all went to the cafe to get a hot drink. We had to sit outside as we had the dogs, but at least the hot drinks warmed us up!

Overall, it was a great day with (reasonably) good weather and (definitely) good friends. It is great to have a social group to hang out with. In total we walked seven miles that day--not too bad. 

Happy autumn!

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  1. The last picture is so adorable---you and Spiderman and P. in her yellow slicker laughing at you is how I read it. You're a goofy girl, my dear. I loved loved loved the sculptures beyond words, and the peeks into the woodsy paths, and would have been entranced by all I saw on this hike. But a 4 mile trek is the most I've ever made (and that was back when GLT and I walked the Cotswalds), so I'd never have made it. I love you so, and am so very happy I met your friends and got a good long peek into your life in Wales.