Wednesday, 12 February 2020

The Epic Holiday part the last-- home with a slight detour

After the perfect holiday with stunningly bright and beautiful weather we were at last on our way home.

We had really lucked out on the transportation front. The hotel had suggested we contact Paul as he was an independent taxi driver from a local village.  Paul drove us on our fossil and fall as well as albatross days out and we really hit it off. He took a shine to us and asked if we would like a tour of his village before he drove us to the station on Friday,  so of course we said yes.

The next day he picked us up early and drove us to the delightful village of Hinton Saint George.  We got to see his beautiful garden with his 400 year old oak tree and then we got a tour of the village church.  There was a beautiful carved wooden cover to the baptismal font with a Celtic cross.

There was a wonderful stained glass window with St Francis and the animals. This picture doesn't do it justice.

We then drove to his local pub The Lord Poulett Arms which he adored. He told us all about how the village was like a family and the pub had themed food nights and everyone all came out to meet up there. The village sounded like such a warm, close community.

The pub had some interesting iron keys as part of the decor above the bar.

It also had this great metal poster of Lillie Langtry.

And out the back in the garden this green man sculpture.

All too soon it was time to be on our way.  Paul drove us to the station and we boarded the train for home.

It had been a wonderful experience.  We did some bucket list stuff and made a new friend in Paul the Taxi as he was known in his village.  But it was good to be home.

Because as Dorothy says in the Wizard of Oz "There's no place like home!" Speaking of...we also found two more illustrated Oz books for my collection.  Bonus!

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