Saturday, 15 October 2011

Excuses, excuses

OK, I’ve not been doing terribly well on the Vegan MOFO front. I’ve been hella busy at work and exhausted and forgetful and cranky and tearful (I forgot I had a lunch time club, went home to have a nap and then cried when all the kids told me they turned up to Poetry Club and I was not there) and my doctor thinks I am menopausal. Grand. I was taking pictures of all our lovely food but never managed (until today) to get it off the camera and onto the memory stick.  I’ve just been too shattered at night to bother. We’ve been listening to 2 episodes a night of a radio programme we like (That Mitchell and Webb Sound) and last night we were listening and I said, “Shall we listen to the second episode?” and Spiderman gave me the *look* and said, “That was the second episode. You've been asleep for a half an hour.” Oh dear.

So my apologies. Here are some special food posts to make up for being so shite.

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