Saturday, 22 March 2014

Peachy keen

One of the first recipes I was keen to try from A Girl called Jack was the Peach and chickpea curry made with tinned peaches. While tinned veg made me feel skeevy, tinned fruit somehow seemed alright. I first tried to look a the cheapest value tinned peaches--but the ones that were 30p for a 400g tin were in syrup that contained high fructose corn syrup and so I put them back. I ended up having to buy 2 smaller tins of the Sainsbury’s brand peaches to get 400g worth of peaches in juice. It cost me 40p each (80p total) for the peaches.


I went to ASDA the other day and their 400g tin of peaches in juice was just 65p so when we do this again I’ll got there to buy my peaches as that is a 15p savings.

But basically this curry is a tin of chickpeas (I had fresh cooked chickpeas as I cook from dry beans to save money), a tin of tomatoes, a tin of peaches and their juice with an onion and some garlic.  I added a small sweet potato and a TB curry paste as I had some on hand (a £1.25 jar of Pataks Balti paste gives us about 6 meals making it about 25p a serving) I know curry powder is cheaper--but the curry paste adds richness and depth to the curry that powder lacks.

can you spot the fresh coriander on top?

I served it with homemade GF Peshwari naan bread (basically my regular GF naan bread recipe plus a bit of sugar, coconut and ground almonds and raisins--all stuff I had in the cupboard)

I've already nibbled on the naan bread


It was gorgeous--sweet and spicy and really filling. It made 4 big bowlfuls and 4 naan breads which could have feasibly served 4 people, but actually served 2 very greedy people. If I had been less greedy it would have made a lovely leftover lunch. 

I will definitely cook this again, perhaps next time over rice. I would also be willing to serve it to company--so if you are coming round--be warned!

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